From Chairman’s Desk


Dr. Rajani Kanta Doloi

Ph.D, M.A. (Double), LL.B & D.P.E.
Former Member, West Bengal Legislative Assembly
Founder Secretary, West Bengal Scheduled Castes,
Tribes & Minority Welfare Association

Royal Academy is an English Medium Senior Secondary School (Co-education) aims at imparting quality education and forging the youth into formidable force to rise to the challenges of nation building. Our School is a distinct milestone in the field of education. It aims to develop self-awareness, academic excellence and a global perspective in students. It has a philosophy, which promotes complete development of a student as a responsible individual and citizen. We believe that valuable learning takes place in and out of the classrooms as well.

The school has organized itself into a coherent learning institution. As the students learn in different ways and contexts, variety and flexibility along with independent thinking and problem solving skills are encouraged. The need to promote academic excellence coupled with the growth of social responsibility is the aim of the school.

Ours is a decentralized administration. Well-designed instructional program and flexible school management system are the basis of its unique identity and our endeavor of integrating quality with quantity is always getting prime importance.

Post independent India has witnessed great strides in the field of education. Education is available to all and is no longer exclusive. It is considered to be the “prime instrumentality” for improving the condition of the traditionally oppressed and consequently the under-privileged scheduled caste communities. We are playing the pivotal role. We have also explored the possibility to provide special benefit to the needy meritorious students. Royal Academy marks the most important landmark in the District of Pandit Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar for social transformation.

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