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From class V onwards all the students have to join a club. We encourage students to get involved in different clubs and take part in all sorts of co-curricular activities. The objective is to promote a healthy environment where students can work together and have fun along with academics.

  • Science Club
  • Music Club
  • Drama and Recitation
  • Dance Club
  • Nature Club
  • Quiz Club
  • Physical Education Club
  • Social Work Club


Co-Curricular activities are of paramount importance in the development of a whole personality. Interpersonal relational skills, confidence, poise and reliability are some of the qualities developed through these. Hence such activities are essential part of the school programme. Apart from SUPW and Community Service activities the school provides some other activities viz. Literary Activities, Scientific Activities, Cultural Activities and Adventure Activities to the students. The students of Class-VI to IX are required to select at least one activity from the list.
Once upon a time games and sports were looked upon merely as a “period of break” to extend the muscles, and to give a time of rest to the students. But today its value has been mostly recognized, and is considered as an integral part of school curriculum. The school provides various outdoor games namely, cricket, football, kho-kho, volley ball, badminton, kabadi etc. Besides many indoor games like Chess, Table Tennis, Carrom etc. are also provided.
Parents are required to notify the Principal/Headmistress of any special features/shortcomings such as hearing or defects in eyesight, special medication, or other situations unique to their wards. When a child has contracted a contagious disease, parents are required to notify the school. One whole time doctor is posted at the school campus for regular medical check-up of the students.